Custom Spray Tan

“Sassy Summer Solution”

Ingredient List:

Alcohol Free Formulation

Purified Water

Aloe Vera Gel Skin Moisturizer

Vitamin E Skin Healer

Dihydroxyacetone FDA approved DHA – highest concentration – safe alternative to UV exposure

Rosemary Antioxidant / Botanical

Ginseng Anti-Aging Botanical

Trimethylpentandiol /     The only formula using a

Adipic Acid Copolymer/       Controlled Time

Isopropyl Myristate /       Release Bronzer


C13-14 Isoparaffin} Anti-Fogging/Thickener


Erythrulose} Maximizes Bronzer

Eliminates Streaking

Hydrates Skin

MX-456 Dark Brown} Immediate Bronze Glow

MX-295 Black/ Customized Spray

D&C Red #4/ Application process

Citric Acid pH Balanced

Propylene Glycol} Preservative

Diazolidinyl Urea} Preservative

Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate} Preservative


Custom Spray Tan Solution

With Instant Sassiness (Bronzer)!

This Golden/Dark Brown Sunless Spray Tan Solution, enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, incorporates cosmetic bronzers for instant color (not to mention gratification) & has an amazing 11% Premium DHA for dark tanning results.  It also contains Erythrulose for “extended tan time”, meaning longer wear of the sunless tan … days, maybe even weeks longer for some!



Exfoliate, shave day of tan

• Do NOT moisturize day of tan

* Wear loose clothes and shoes  

Do NOT wear tight clothes - especially jeans to your appt. 

 • Do NOT wear tight socks    

 *You can use deodorant and wear makeup to appointment

 *Wear old undergarments to get your tan        

 *Workout, wax, spa services before you tan        

 *LOVE that you’re doing something great for you mind and skin!


After you've been tanned

• Remain dry for 8-12 hours
• Face included...wait to wash
  (fades quickly)
• Put towel over sheets
  if desired (light residue)
• Take short, warm showers
• Use unscented soap & moisturizers
• Pat skin dry - DON’T rub
• Moisturize 1-2 x per day
  (moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!)
• Try moisturizer w/self tanner
  (keeps tan longer)
• May want to use self tanner
  every other day instead of daily
• Enjoy your instant sassiness!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
• Drink plenty of water -
• Perfume should go on clothing or on the back of your hair line
• Chlorine or prolonged time in H2O will fade your tan more quickly
• Avoid hot tubs! Too much chlorine!
• Use sunscreen you can spray on better for spray tan than rub on
• Sometimes self tanners turn “tan-ugly” if used too much ...
• Use self tanner every other day
• Experiment to find the right self to compliment your spray tan

 Tan - How you may help it last longer

Take sweaty shoes and socks off ASAP after work out
• Sweat from workout should be patted, not rubbed
• Remember a s.t. is “paint” on skin
• Patting keeps color on skin while rubbing wipes color away
• Socks may create “farmer tan” lines
• Sassy “Touch-Up Spray” is good for body touchups too-chest, arm crook etc.
• Apply Sassy “Touch-Up Spray” to a cotton ball & highlight cheek bones, etc.
• Soaps with high PH will fade tan quickly
  Safeguard, Coast, Irish Spring, Dial, etc.
• Confidence feels wonderful!

 C'mon Get Sassy!

How to use your Sassy Colour:

*Shake yoiu Sassy Spray

*Best used on clean skin

*Spray desired number of pumps onto area of you skin (example: Arm 3 -7)

*Take a pump of great moistuizer, like Jergens Shea Butter & rub directly onto sprayed area.

*Rub in completely until moisturizer is evenly blended into your skin

*Rub in completely until moisturier is evenly blended into you skin 

*Repeat next area 

*Wash your palms thoroughly when finished! 

For Face

* Shake your Sassy Spray

* Place a dollup of your favorite facial moisturizer onto your fingertips or into you palm

* Pump 3 - 5 x's onto the moisturizer and rub together until blended 

* Blend onto your face and neck being especially careful near your eyes

* Wash your palms thoroughly when finished!!

* Enjoy your amazing, anti-aging secret...and do tell your friends!



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